Trauma comes in many forms. Perhaps your childhood was flavored by abuse, abandonment,  parental divorce, or constant criticism. Chronic hurts in childhood can add up to buried trauma that colors your entire experience in life. You might have developed complex coping strategies to protect yourself, and even now when the abuse no longer assails you, you act defensive or aggressive or you people-please as a way to stay safe. The neural pathways that were forged by childhood trauma are still active in you. The good news is that through EMDR, we can work together to heal the deep scars and rewire your brain to free you from the fears and habits you no longer need.

Likewise, if you endured a traumatic event or relationship event in adulthood, your brain likely got stuck in a state of fear and paralysis. You might have PTSD symptoms like nightmares and raw nerves. Again, EMDR is a highly effective intervention that can help you to soothe whatever pain or terror you keep experiencing and reclaim yourself.