Freedom from Anxiety

  • Hypnotherapy
  • EMDR
  • Biofeedback
  • Visualization & Meditation
  • Breathing Techniques
  • TAT Energy Techniques
  • Heroic Journey Work

Anxiety can be so horribly painful. The first step I take with clients is to reduce the anxiety symptoms so you can function. Even more so if you’re having panic attacks. To that end, I’ll teach you self-hypnosis techniques you can use at home. In session, I’ll use EMDR, biofeedback, visualization, and breathing techniques. Then, we need to understand what’s causing your anxiety so we can address the root cause and put an end to the triggers.  Talk therapy is effective, but it can be slow. EMDR tends to cut through so that we can figure out fast what’s setting you off. We’ll work together to get to the bottom of what’s causing your distress–whether it’s an actual situation in your life or your own unhelpful thinking patterns–and undertake the deep healing that will restore you to serenity.