The Extraordinary Power of EMDR

EMDR with Hiyaguha Cohen in Bluffton, SCEMDR is a powerful technique that can reduce the lingering effects of trauma that are lodged in your brain. It is quite possible that the issues you’re struggling with, such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, or fears, got started long ago when something negative happened to you. For instance, your mother criticized you a lot growing up, or you never got picked for softball. You think you got over it, but now when somebody criticizes you, you overreact. Or when you think somebody has rejected you, you ruminate for days. The original event created a sensitivity that is actually etched in the neural pathways of your brain.

EMDR interrupts those old pathways and allows you to actually create new neural pathways that are more positive and healthy. It works in the same way if you have had more recent and intense trauma such as being a victim of violence or war.

How Effective is EMDR?

Evidence indicates that one EMDR session is equivalent to six weeks of therapy in its power to reduce the effects of trauma and other mental health issues.

What Happens in an EMDR Session with Hiyaguha?

I’ll ask you to identify an incident  that disturbs you. I might start with something just mildly disturbing, and I will never push you to choose something that will be too intense for you to handle. I teach you lots of techniques to keep you feeling safe and grounded as we proceed.

You gently focus on the disturbing incident while being distracted by something called “bilateral stimulation.” Usually, that means you allow your eyes to follow a moving dot on your screen as the dot travels from right to left and left to right repeatedly. There may be accompanying sound. Or, you might tap your knees in an alternating fashion, or hold buzzers that vibrate in an alternating pattern. You will most likely soon experience a reduction in the intensity of the incident in your mind.

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