Be The Best Version of Yourself

  • Identify Your Unique Life Purpose
  • Eliminate Limiting Beliefs and Habits
  • Design the Next Chapter of Your Life

Life Purpose:  Do you want to know (or reaffirm) the special reason you’re here on the planet?  Do you want to take your vision into the world, stop your procrastinating, and manifest the person you are deep inside?  Using visualizations, energy psychology techniques, hero’s journey work and coaching conversations, we’ll bridge the gap between who you want to be and where you are right now.

Limiting Beliefs: The first step in achieving what you want is often clearing limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs tell you that you JUST AREN’T GOOD ENOUGH, or “if it didn’t work before, it won’t work now,” or “it’s too hard or too scary” or “too expensive” or “too late” or “you’d better wait for (whatever) before starting,” or, and perhaps worst of all, MAYBE LATER.

The insidious thing about limiting beliefs is that you might not even know you have them, because they feel like such a normal part of your thinking, and yet the results show up in your life. Limiting beliefs usually get stuck in place during some disturbing early life event, meaning they’ve been with you a long time and are now deeply entrenched. Meanwhile, they prevent you from finding inner peace, realizing your potential, and living your higher purpose. Even decades of meditation and prayer won’t take hold if you don’t first confront these goblins that block your journey. They will ALWAYS sabotage you unless you acknowledge and transform them.

Limiting Habits: Limiting habits keep you stuck in behaviors that feel good or safe or familiar in the short run, but that ultimately sabotage your ability to come into your power. Perhaps your limiting habits include unhealthy lifestyle choices, or negative self-talk, or attraction to harmful people. These habits become addictions over time, which is why it’s hard to end them. Energy psychology techniques and hypnosis can be very helpful in breaking the cycle.

Design Your Next Chapter: I use a systematic approach to help you envision your goals and to create a step-by-step plan for reaching them. I act as your accountability partner along the way, helping you to implement actions one-by-one, until you manifest what you have envisioned.