• Improve Communication
  • Heal from Betrayal
  • Decide to Stay Together or Break Up
  • Move On from Divorce

Improve Communication: Learn basic skills to stop fighting all the time, to say what you mean without being mean, to hear the intent behind the words thrown at you, and to avoid having arguments escalate into wars.

Heal From Betrayal: Few things hurt worse than finding out the one you love has been lying to you, cheating on you, discrediting you behind your back. With the advent of internet chat rooms and pornography websites, online cheating has become a special and widespread problem. Partners of cheaters are often left devastated. To make it worse, you might feel too ashamed to talk to family or friends about what you’ve endured. And yet, the sting of betrayal can actually cause PTSD. (Betrayal by family, friends, and mentors also can be devastating.) It’s important to get help. We’ll use somatic healing, visualization, heroic journey work, energy psychology, and hypnosis to help you deal with the pain and find your way back to wholeness.

Breaking Up/Divorce: Studies show that ninety-five percent of all people claim to have experienced a difficult break-up at some point in their lives, but knowing that doesn’t do much to take the sting away when it’s happening to you. If you’re getting over a broken heart, you may feel like you have nothing left to give, nothing worth giving, and no prospects. The experience can rob you of your self-esteem, even if you previously were quite functional and happy; and it can leave you totally confused about who you are and what you want. For those surviving a breakup or moving on after divorce, your personal life-coaching sessions will include using solutions-focused counseling, nature-based counseling, heroic journey work, and energy psychology techniques that help to erase pain and anxiety by allowing you to release and transform the hurtful energy at a cellular level and get past negative beliefs about yourself.

Making the Decision: Should I stay or should I leave? When emotions are at a peak, it’s difficult to know whether your relationship is salvageable, and even if so, whether you feel able and willing to put in the effort to save it. I’ll help you weigh all the relevant factors, get some perspective, and make a decision that’s best for you.