Forgiveness: The problem with holding onto anger is that it keeps you in misery. It’s as if a fist inside of you is ready to strike, and where there’s a ready fist, it’s hard to feel happy. Also, holding onto anger ties you to the person you’re angry at. You’ll never be free of that person unless and until you find a way to forgive him or her.

Whether you need help forgiving your parents, or forgiving your children, or forgiving neighbors or friends or yourself or even people you barely know, forgiveness coaching sessions will help to set you free and return you to the place of love and peace and joy where life feels good again.

Cult Recovery: If you’ve been a member of a spiritual group and now have left or are thinking of leaving, you most likely are experiencing a spiritual crisis or at least, some tumult. The group has most likely formed your world view, provided the structure of your daily life and your activities, and provided you with friendships and relationships as well as your inspiration.  Leaving means losing a lot of the things that have defined your life all at once. Depending on your organization, you may be wondering if your teacher really was enlightened, if your group was, in fact a cult, if you’ll be able to have a normal life again, and if so, how long it will take until you have your life back.

I’ll help you to process your emotions around leaving, and assess not only what you’ve lost, but also, what you gained from your time in the group so that you don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. I’ll also help you to heal the spiritual crisis that has left a hole where faith and inspiration used to live.

My doctoral dissertation focused on coaching individuals leaving spiritual organizations, and I personally left a spiritual group after 23 years of dedicated membership. I’ll help you to come to peace with your decision to leave your group and to process any trauma or spiritual crisis that may have resulted from your time in the group.