• Finish Your Manuscript!

Has your book been sitting in a drawer  half-done for months, years, decades? Are you working on it now, but hitting the wall? I’d love to be your accountability partner to help you get it done. Having someone to give you assignments and check your progress can make all the difference, as can having an experienced professional editor, like me, to give you incisive feedback and help you to push past writing snarls. Together, we’ll create an outline and design a writing schedule so that you can work chapter by chapter, task by task, until you have a completed manuscript, ready to go to market.

One reason writers get stopped is that they feel overwhelmed by the enormity of their projects. Also, life’s pressures often get in the way. My job is to help you organize your time better so that you can get to your writing, and to work with you to break down the project into small, manageable tasks so you succeed.

Start a New Writing Project

Do you have an idea for a manuscript, but feel lost about how to begin? Are you wondering if your idea is worthy? I can help you to clarify your idea, draft a detailed outline, and begin the writing. I’ll offer intensive critique on your outline and writing, as needed, as well as practical advice about how to proceed.

Get Professional Editing Feedback

I’ll review your nonfiction writing for grammar, usage, style, organization, accuracy, readability, and pacing, and give you suggestions about  how to strengthen your work.

My credentials include an MFA in Creative Writing, hundreds of published articles, authorng and contributing to many nonfiction books published by major publishing houses, years of experience teaching writing at the college level, experience in self-publishing, and many years running writing groups as well as co-founding the prestigious Kauai Writers Conference.